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Personal history and educational background

My name is Lucy Day Werts. I have a double-first name, so I am called "Lucy Day". My family name is Werts.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a brother named Charlie who is 8 years younger than I am. I attended a private elementary school called The Children's School, and then attended a private secondary school called Woodward Academy.

I left Atlanta to study at the University of Chicago. I earned a BA in Linguistics and a BS in Computer Science.

After that, I moved to New Jersey, where I started a job at Princeton University Press as the Sales Assistant.

After about a year, I switched departments at Princeton University Press, and became an Associate Production Editor. I was promoted to Production Editor. I also served as Author-Compositor Coordinator, providing special help and support to math and science authors typesetting their manuscripts in LaTeX.

Current status

I moved from New Jersey to Singapore in 2008.

Last meaningful update to site: 24 September, 2011