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Book log 1999

Title (Series)AuthorStarted      Finished      Pages
Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie 26-Dec-98 03-Jan-99 552
Moby Dick Herman Melville 03-Jan-99 30-Jan-99 432
Earthlight Arthur C. Clarke 04-Jan-99 09-Jan-99 155
Le Petit Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 04-Jan-99 12-Feb-99 85
Paradise Lost John Milton 11-Jan-99 06-Mar-99 308
That Eye the Sky Tim Winton 30-Jan-99 01-Feb-99 150
The Time Traders Andre Norton 02-Feb-99 05-Feb-99 220
Cradle Arthur C. Clarke 26-Feb-99 09-Mar-99 408
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 06-Mar-99 07-Mar-99 113
Other Voices, Other Rooms Truman Capote 10-Mar-99 11-Mar-99 231
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis 11-Mar-99 13-Mar-99 191
Far from the Madding Crowd Thomas Hardy 15-Mar-99 27-Mar-99 447
The Turn of the Screw and other Short Novels Henry James 20-Mar-99 07-May-99 451
The Fountainhead Ayn Rand 29-Mar-99 04-Apr-99 704
The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson 29-Mar-99 30-Mar-99 253
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Steven Spielberg 24-Apr-99 25-Apr-99 256
Frankenstein Mary Shelley 08-May-99 24-May-99 255
Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson 09-May-99 10-May-99 127
A Preface to Paradise Lost C.S. Lewis 24-May-99 27-May-99 137
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia 1) C.S. Lewis 27-May-99 27-May-99 186
Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia 2) C.S. Lewis 27-May-99 28-May-99 238
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia 3) C.S. Lewis 28-May-99 28-May-99 216
The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia 4) C.S. Lewis 28-May-99 29-May-99 217
The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia 5) C.S. Lewis 29-May-99 30-May-99 217
The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia 6) C.S. Lewis 31-May-99 01-Jun-99 186
The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia 7) C.S. Lewis 01-Jun-99 01-Jun-99 184
Chronicle of a Death Foretold Gabriel García Márquez 01-Jun-99 02-Jun-99 143
100 Years of Solitude Gabriel García Márquez 02-Jun-99 06-Jun-99 458
The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy, Gentleman Laurence Sterne 07-Jun-99 24-Aug-99 543
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Douglas Adams 11-Jun-99 12-Jun-99 306
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Douglas Adams 12-Jun-99 13-Jun-99 307
The Year of the Unicorn Andre Norton 14-Jun-99 15-Jun-99 224
Fur Magic (Magic 2) Andre Norton 16-Jun-99 17-Jun-99 195
Downwind of Upstage Michael Green 17-Jun-99 18-Jun-99 171
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare 19-Jun-99 20-Jun-99 81
Childhood's End Arthur C. Clarke 20-Jun-99 22-Jun-99 222
We The Living Ayn Rand 23-Jun-99 26-Jun-99 464
The Lords of Discipline Pat Conroy 28-Jun-99 03-Jul-99 498
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 04-Jul-99 05-Jul-99 232
Psychology Floyd C. Dockeray 05-Jul-99 27-Jul-99 461
A Wind in the Door (Wrinkle in Time 2) Madeleine L'Engle 18-Jul-99 18-Jul-99 203
A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Wrinkle in Time 3) Madeleine L'Engle 18-Jul-99 20-Jul-99 256
Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates Mary Mapes Dodge 20-Jul-99 25-Jul-99 334
Dear Graduate Charles Swindall 15-Aug-99 15-Aug-99 140
A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess 24-Aug-99 25-Aug-99 192
Rose in Bloom Louisa May Alcott 25-Aug-99 28-Aug-99 311
The 9 Billion Names of God Arthur C. Clarke 28-Aug-99 30-Aug-99 240
The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger 31-Aug-99 01-Sep-99 214
Eight Cousins Louisa May Alcott 02-Sep-99 03-Sep-99 252
Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett 03-Sep-99 03-Sep-99 122
Give the Lady What She Wants Lloyd Wendt and Herman Kogan 03-Sep-99 10-Sep-99 377
Brighton Rock Graham Greene 10-Sep-99 13-Sep-99 246
The Inheritance Louisa May Alcott 13-Sep-99 14-Sep-99 177
Tales of Ten Worlds Arthur C. Clarke 14-Sep-99 20-Sep-99 206
Of Time, Space, and Other Things Isaac Asimov 21-Sep-99 24-Sep-99 223
Jo's Boys Louisa May Alcott 25-Sep-99 28-Nov-99 268
Lysistrata and Other Plays Aristophanes 28-Sep-99 06-Oct-99 253
The Republic Plato 03-Oct-99 25-Oct-99 336
The 21 Balloons William Pène Du Bois 28-Nov-99 28-Nov-99 180
The Prince Machiavelli 18-Nov-99 20-Nov-99 180
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (THHGTTG 2) Douglas Adams 09-Dec-99 10-Dec-99 250
The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams 10-Dec-99 11-Dec-99 68
Plays Aristophanes 11-Dec-99 16-Dec-99 175
A River Runs Through It. Norman Maclean 16-Dec-99 18-Dec-99 237
Shogun (Asian Saga 3) James Clavell 19-Dec-99 30-Dec-99 1210
Julie of the Wolves (Julie 1) Jean Craighead George 22-Dec-99 25-Dec-99 120
Longitude Dava Sobel 30-Dec-99 31-Dec-99 175

67 books finished in 1999.

18,169 pages in the selected books (an average of about 271 pages each).

That's an average of about 5 days per book (assuming no overlap) or 7 days per book (taking actual overlap into consideration), which is equivalent to 67 books (or 18,218 pages) per year. Or 50 pages per day, actually.

Typical number of books in progress simultaneously: 0.

Fiction books: 0 (0%)
Non-fiction books: 0 (0%)
Books not marked in db as fiction or nonfiction: 67 (100%)

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