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Book log 2004

Title (Series)AuthorStarted      Finished      Pages
Beast Donna Jo Napoli 30-Dec-03 02-Jan-04 255
What Do You Care What Other People Think? Richard P. Feynman 01-Jan-04 02-Jan-04 248
The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham 03-Jan-04 01-May-04 328
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking 03-Jan-04 20-Jan-04 187
When Do Fish Sleep? David Feldman 22-Jan-04 30-Jan-04 245
The Dream of Scipio Iain Pears 23-Jan-04 01-Feb-04 396
The World Encyclopedia of Flags Alfred Znamierowski 01-Feb-04 22-Feb-04 256
The Miracle of Language Richard Lederer 07-Feb-04 12-Feb-04 254
Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? David Feldman 12-Feb-04 14-Feb-04 198
The Dream of Scipio Iain Pears 16-Feb-04 03-Mar-04 396
October Sky Homer H. Hickam, Jr. 20-Feb-04 23-Feb-04 428
Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne David Starkey 23-Feb-04 12-Mar-04 323
Rocks and Minerals Herbert S. Zim and Paul R. Shaffer 04-Mar-04 08-Mar-04 155
Zits Supersized (Zits 5) Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman 07-Mar-04 07-Mar-04 262
The Story of My Life Helen Keller 08-Mar-04 17-Mar-04 406
His Own People Booth Tarkington 09-Mar-04 09-Mar-04 150
A World Lit Only by Fire William Manchester 17-Mar-04 25-Mar-04 296
The Art of Deception Nicholas Capaldi 29-Mar-04 04-Apr-04 213
Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer 1) Anne McCaffrey 03-Apr-04 05-Apr-04 311
Killashandra (Crystal Singer 2) Anne McCaffrey 05-Apr-04 07-Apr-04 373
Crystal Line (Crystal Singer 3) Anne McCaffrey 08-Apr-04 11-Apr-04 313
Wish, Come True Mary Q. Steele 16-Apr-04 17-Apr-04 115
Witches Abroad (Discworld 12) Terry Pratchett 17-Apr-04 18-Apr-04 350
Lords and Ladies (Discworld 14) Terry Pratchett 18-Apr-04 20-Apr-04 281
Interesting Times (Discworld 17) Terry Pratchett 20-Apr-04 24-Apr-04 368
The Book of Assassins George Fetherling 01-May-04 22-May-04 385
Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995 Bill Watterson 14-May-04 14-May-04 96
Eric (Discworld 9) Terry Pratchett 14-May-04 15-May-04 197
The Last Continent (Discworld 22) Terry Pratchett 15-May-04 17-May-04 412
The Witch's Buttons Ruth Chew 20-May-04 20-May-04 108
The Thief Lord Cornelia Funke 22-May-04 24-May-04 345
The Everyday Witch (The Adventures of Beatrice Bailey 1) Sandra Forrester 24-May-04 25-May-04 185
The Linguist and the Emperor Daniel Myerson 25-May-04 28-May-04 271
Krakatoa Simon Winchester 28-May-04 06-Jun-04 401
Still Pumped from Using the Mouse (Dilbert 7) Scott Adams 29-May-04 29-May-04 128
Shave the Whales (Dilbert 4) Scott Adams 29-May-04 31-May-04 128
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Newt Scamander 31-May-04 31-May-04 42
Quidditch Through the Ages Kennilworthy Whisp 31-May-04 31-May-04 56
The Witches of Friar's Lantern (The Adventures of Beatrice Bailey 3) Sandra Forrester 02-Jun-04 03-Jun-04 225
The Company of Strangers Paul Seabright 06-Jun-04 12-Jun-04 257
Inkheart (Inkheart 1) Cornelia Funke 12-Jun-04 14-Jun-04 534
Jingo (Discworld 21) Terry Pratchett 14-Jun-04 18-Jun-04 323
Devil in the Mountain Simon Lamb 18-Jun-04 23-Jun-04 335
The Fantasy Worlds of Peter Beagle Peter S. Beagle 24-Jun-04 27-Jun-04 429
Just Ella Margaret Peterson Haddix 27-Jun-04 28-Jun-04 218
The Field Guide (The Spiderwick Chronicles 1) Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black 28-Jun-04 28-Jun-04 107
Lyra's Oxford Philip Pullman 28-Jun-04 28-Jun-04 49
The Diamond Throne (The Elenium 1) David Eddings 29-Jun-04 02-Jul-04 435
The Ruby Knight (The Elenium 2) David Eddings 02-Jul-04 03-Jul-04 372
The Sapphire Rose (The Elenium 3) David Eddings 03-Jul-04 06-Jul-04 502
Domes of Fire (The Tamuli 1) David Eddings 11-Jul-04 17-Jul-04 484
The Shining Ones (The Tamuli 2) David Eddings 17-Jul-04 29-Jul-04 470
Get Thee to a Punnery Richard Lederer 22-Jul-04 28-Jul-04 149
The Treasure Seekers E. Nesbit 25-Jul-04 27-Jul-04 208
The Hidden City (The Tamuli 3) David Eddings 29-Jul-04 04-Aug-04 457
The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events 1) Lemony Snicket 04-Aug-04 04-Aug-04 162
Cinderellis and the Glass Hill (The Princess Tales 4) Gail Carson Levine 05-Aug-04 05-Aug-04 104
Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep (The Princess Tales 3) Gail Carson Levine 05-Aug-04 05-Aug-04 107
To Kill a King Madeleine Polland 06-Aug-04 07-Aug-04 187
The Railway Children E. Nesbit 07-Aug-04 08-Aug-04 240
Briar Rose Robert Coover 08-Aug-04 08-Aug-04 86
Dragons and Unicorns Paul and Karin Johnsgard 08-Aug-04 09-Aug-04 163
The Fracture Zone Simon Winchester 10-Aug-04 13-Aug-04 255
Caesar (The Masters of Rome 5) Colleen McCullough 13-Aug-04 21-Aug-04 910
The October Horse (The Masters of Rome 6) Colleen McCullough 21-Aug-04 13-Sep-04 1110
Eats, Shoots & Leaves Lynne Truss 13-Sep-04 16-Sep-04 209
Charmed Life; The Lives of Christopher Chant (The Chronicles of Chrestomanci 1) Diana Wynne Jones 18-Sep-04 22-Sep-04 598
The Magicians of Caprona (The Chronicles of Chrestomanci 4) Diana Wynne Jones 22-Sep-04 24-Sep-04 223
Witch Week Diana Wynne Jones 24-Sep-04 27-Sep-04 211
Cart and Cwidder (Dalemark Quartet 1) Diana Wynne Jones 27-Sep-04 28-Sep-04 222
Drowned Ammet (Dalemark Quartet 2) Diana Wynne Jones 28-Sep-04 01-Oct-04 324
The Spellcoats (Dalemark Quartet 3) Diana Wynne Jones 01-Oct-04 04-Oct-04 289
The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson 02-Oct-04 08-Oct-04 316
The Crown of Dalemark (Dalemark Quartet 4) Diana Wynne Jones 04-Oct-04 07-Oct-04 486
A Tale of Time City Diana Wynne Jones 09-Oct-04 10-Oct-04 285
Eragon (Inheritance Trilogy 1) Christopher Paolini 10-Oct-04 16-Oct-04 497
Curses, Inc. Vivian Vande Velde 16-Oct-04 16-Oct-04 226
Brunelleschi Enzo Carli 17-Oct-04 17-Oct-04 75
A Passage to India E.M. Forester 17-Oct-04 20-Oct-04 362
A Geological Miscellany Craig & Jones 20-Oct-04 13-Nov-04 195
The Eternal Champion Michael Moorcock 21-Oct-04 03-Nov-04 484
Book of Enchantments Patricia C. Wrede 23-Oct-04 24-Oct-04 234
ESP TV (Freaky Friday 2) Mary Rodgers 24-Oct-04 24-Oct-04 216
The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus 1) Jonathan Stroud 27-Oct-04 31-Oct-04 462
The Last Hero (Discworld 27) Terry Pratchett 03-Nov-04 04-Nov-04 160
Fantasy Stories ed. Diana Wynne Jones 04-Nov-04 06-Nov-04 255
No Flying in the House Betty Brock 06-Nov-04 06-Nov-04 157
Mr. Popper's Penguins Richard and Florence Atwater 06-Nov-04 07-Nov-04 139
Shadow Castle Marian Cockrell 07-Nov-04 08-Nov-04 143
Chinese Oliver Moore 08-Nov-04 09-Nov-04 80
Knights of the Round Table adapted by Gwen Gross 10-Nov-04 10-Nov-04 112
King Arthur: His Knights and Their Ladies Johanna Johnston 10-Nov-04 10-Nov-04 122
Escape to Witch Mountain Alexander Key 10-Nov-04 11-Nov-04 180
Return from Witch Mountain Alexander Key 11-Nov-04 12-Nov-04 152
A Tribble's Guide to Space Alan C. Tribble 12-Nov-04 17-Nov-04 168
What We Owe Iraq Noah Feldman 17-Nov-04 18-Nov-04 148
Zhuangzi Speaks Trans. Brian Bruya 19-Nov-04 23-Nov-04 142
The Saint of Dragons Jason Hightman 19-Nov-04 23-Nov-04 291
The Story of Mathematics Richard Mankiewicz 24-Nov-04 26-Nov-04 187
8 Preposterous Propositions Robert Ehrlich 27-Nov-04 05-Dec-04 309
Dogsbody Diana Wynne Jones 04-Dec-04 05-Dec-04 261
From Hand to Mouth Michael C. Corballis 05-Dec-04 15-Dec-04 272
The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus 2) Jonathan Stroud 06-Dec-04 10-Dec-04 574
Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern 1) Anne McCaffrey 16-Dec-04 21-Dec-04 286
Dragonquest (Dragonriders of Pern 2) Anne McCaffrey 21-Dec-04 25-Dec-04 333
The White Dragon (Dragonriders of Pern 3) Anne McCaffrey 25-Dec-04 29-Dec-04 445

106 books finished in 2004.

29,569 pages in the selected books (an average of about 278 pages each).

That's an average of about 3 days per book (assuming no overlap) or 5 days per book (taking actual overlap into consideration), which is equivalent to 105 books (or 29,568 pages) per year. Or 81 pages per day, actually.

Typical number of books in progress simultaneously: 0.

Fiction books: 76 (72%)
Non-fiction books: 30 (28%)
Books not marked in db as fiction or nonfiction: 0 (0%)

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