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Book log 2014

Title (Series)AuthorStarted      Finished      Pages
The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen Maria Tatar 05-Dec-13 03-Mar-14 432
Connect with the Divine Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma 31-Dec-13 02-Jan-14 209
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore Robin Sloan 02-Jan-14 03-Jan-14 288
Country Driving Peter Hessler 04-Jan-14 10-Jan-14 536
What Color Is Your Parachute (2013) Richard N. Bolles 05-Jan-14 25-Feb-14 318
Encyclopedia of Sinhala Language and Culture J. B. Disanayaka 07-Jan-14 03-Aug-14 775
The Coming Collapse of China Gordon G. Chang 11-Jan-14 20-Jan-14 285
Thirteen Reasons Why Jay Asher 16-Jan-14 17-Jan-14 336
Burma Chronicles Guy Delisle 20-Jan-14 21-Jan-14 272
How Children Succeed Paul Tough 21-Jan-14 24-Jan-14 201
Mindset Carol S. Dweck 25-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 246
Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders 3) Brandon Mull 27-Jan-14 30-Jan-14 506
The Trouble with Magic Ruth Chew 03-Feb-14 03-Feb-14 112
Witch's Cat Ruth Chew 03-Feb-14 03-Feb-14 128
The Magic Coin Ruth Chew 03-Feb-14 03-Feb-14 127
The Witch's Garden Ruth Chew 04-Feb-14 04-Feb-14 112
Choke Chuck Palahniuk 05-Feb-14 08-Feb-14 293
Reading in the Brain Stanislas Dehaene 09-Feb-14 23-Feb-14 330
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 23-Feb-14 03-Mar-14 280
3X Carlin George Carlin 25-Feb-14 07-Aug-14 890
As China Goes, So Goes the World Karl Gerth 03-Mar-14 10-Mar-14 205
Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps Allan and Barbara Pease 05-Mar-14 10-Mar-14 287
The Long Earth (The Long Earth 1) Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter 10-Mar-14 12-Mar-14 344
The Long War (The Long Earth 2) Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter 12-Mar-14 16-Mar-14 510
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking Susan Cain 16-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 276
A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time 14) Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson 19-Mar-14 24-Mar-14 1168
Writing the Breakout Novel Donald Maass 26-Mar-14 28-Mar-14 260
Mr. China Tim Clissold 29-Mar-14 03-Apr-14 262
Thunder from the East Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn 03-Apr-14 14-Apr-14 351
Inside HBO's Game of Thrones Bryan Cogman 08-Apr-14 08-Apr-14 192
The Surgeon of Crowthorne Simon Winchester 14-Apr-14 21-Apr-14 207
Why Not Catch-21? Gary Dexter 21-Apr-14 26-Apr-14 219
Terry Pratchett's Nation: The Play Mark Ravenhill 26-Apr-14 26-Apr-14 144
Lao Folktales Steven Jay Epstein 27-Apr-14 27-Apr-14 117
Ad Infinitum Nicholas Ostler 27-Apr-14 13-May-14 329
The Seven Best Things Happy Couples Do John C. Friel and Linda D. Friel 13-May-14 13-May-14 297
Gut Feelings Gerd Gigerenzer 13-May-14 19-May-14 232
The Town Cats and Other Tales Lloyd Alexander 19-May-14 20-May-14 126
Decisive Chip and Dan Heath 20-May-14 27-May-14 272
Bzrk Apocalypse (Bzrk 3) Michael Grant 27-May-14 01-Jun-14 442
Hands John Napier 01-Jun-14 23-Jun-14 157
Stephen Fry in America Stephen Fry 05-Jun-14 19-Jun-14 344
Reading Like a Writer Francine Prose 23-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 268
The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles 1) Chris D'Lacey 25-Jun-14 26-Jun-14 340
Icefire (The Last Dragon Chronicles 2) Chris D'Lacey 26-Jun-14 28-Jun-14 421
Fire Star (The Last Dragon Chronicles 3) Chris D'Lacey 28-Jun-14 28-Jun-14 548
Hardwiring Happiness Rick Hanson 29-Jun-14 09-Jul-14 223
The Tao of Warren Buffett Mary Buffett and David Clark 09-Jul-14 09-Jul-14 159
The Mind of a Mnemonist A. R. Luria 09-Jul-14 12-Jul-14 160
Now, Discover Your Strengths Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton 13-Jul-14 20-Jul-14 260
Speaking of Chinese Raymond Change and Margaret Scrogin Chang 20-Jul-14 24-Jul-14 197
Origins of Chinese Names Fu Chunjiang, Choong Joo Ling and Chua Wei Lin 24-Jul-14 27-Jul-14 162
Popular Chinese Proverbs Goh Pei Ki, Wu Xiaojun and Geraldine Chay 27-Jul-14 27-Jul-14 134
How to Understand and Use Design and Layout Alan Swann 27-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 125
The Antidote Oliver Burkeman 31-Jul-14 03-Aug-14 214
The Sayings of Confucius Tsai Chih Chung and Goh Beng Choo 02-Aug-14 02-Aug-14 144
The Constitution of the United States of America with the Declaration of Independence Fall River Press (Barnes and Noble) 03-Aug-14 10-Aug-14 106
The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale 03-Aug-14 08-Aug-14 276
Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine Fu Chunjiang, Y.N. Han, Shu Wenjun, Lin Yuan, and Cheng Sim Kim 07-Aug-14 26-Aug-14 183
Writing Great Books for Young Adults Regina L. Brooks 08-Aug-14 10-Aug-14 175
100 Best Books for Children Anita Silvey 10-Aug-14 10-Sep-14 165
Writing Down the Bones Natalie Goldberg 10-Aug-14 14-Aug-14 170
Simple and Direct Jacques Barzun 15-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 276
Origins of Chinese Martial Arts Jack Cheong, Laurel Teo and Loh Chong Chai 26-Aug-14 30-Aug-14 152
Save the Cat Blake Snyder 27-Aug-14 29-Aug-14 195
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Battle at the Red Cliff Li Chengli, Zhang Qirong and Hu Shiping 30-Aug-14 31-Aug-14 154
Sayings of Buddha Tsai Chih Chung, E.E. Ho and W.L. Rathje 30-Aug-14 09-Sep-14 130
The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell 01-Sep-14 21-Sep-14 362
The Coxford Singlish Dictionary 09-Sep-14 06-Oct-14 145
Word Myths David Wilton 10-Sep-14 13-Sep-14 200
Murphy's Law Book 3 Arthur Bloch 13-Sep-14 14-Sep-14 82
Life Science Library: Mathematics David Bergamini 14-Sep-14 17-Oct-14 196
Stumbling on Happiness Daniel Gilbert 21-Sep-14 24-Sep-14 263
Lying Sissela Bok 24-Sep-14 29-Sep-14 288
The Meme Machine Susan Blackmore 30-Sep-14 12-Oct-14 246
You Are Not So Smart David McRaney 06-Oct-14 13-Oct-14 277
This Will Make You Smarter John Brockman 13-Oct-14 23-Oct-14 397
Lying Sam Harris 13-Oct-14 13-Oct-14 105
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way Amanda Ripley 23-Oct-14 25-Oct-14 238
The Third Kingdom (Sword of Truth: Continued 2) Terry Goodkind 24-Oct-14 26-Oct-14 569
Crime and Human Nature James Q. Wilson, Richard J. Herrnstein 27-Oct-14 01-Dec-14 529
The Splendours of Myanmar Ma Thanegi 30-Oct-14 31-Oct-14 95
The Spirit of Bagan Than Oo 31-Oct-14 31-Oct-14 95
Inle Lake Ma Thanegi 31-Oct-14 01-Nov-14 95
Hallucinations Oliver Sacks 01-Nov-14 02-Nov-14 295
Eve and Adam Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate 05-Nov-14 05-Nov-14 291
Learned Optimism Martin E. P. Seligman 12-Nov-14 22-Nov-14 292
Talk to the Snail Stephen Clarke 14-Nov-14 15-Nov-14 258
An Autobiography M.K. Gandhi 27-Nov-14 28-Dec-14 420
Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar Qin Xue Herzberg and Larry Herzberg 04-Dec-14 08-Dec-14 121
Steal Like an Artist Austin Kleon 04-Dec-14 05-Dec-14 152
Show Your Work! Austin Kleon 05-Dec-14 07-Dec-14 216
The Hedge Knight George R.R. Martin 09-Dec-14 09-Dec-14 164
The Sworn Sword George R.R. Martin 10-Dec-14 10-Dec-14 176
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind Zack Whedon 10-Dec-14 10-Dec-14 152
The Last Book in the Universe Rodman Philbrick 10-Dec-14 11-Dec-14 229
The Brain that Changes Itself Norman Doidge 18-Dec-14 23-Dec-14 322
The Sun My Heart Thich Nhat Hanh 24-Dec-14 26-Dec-14 133
Dominic William Steig 29-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 146
Abel's Island William Steig 31-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 117

100 books finished in 2014.

26,420 pages in the selected books (an average of about 264 pages each).

That's an average of about 3 days per book (assuming no overlap) or 10 days per book (taking actual overlap into consideration), which is equivalent to 100 books (or 26,492 pages) per year. Or 73 pages per day, actually.

Typical number of books in progress simultaneously: 0.

Fiction books: 26 (26%)
Non-fiction books: 74 (74%)
Books not marked in db as fiction or nonfiction: 0 (0%)

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